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World Food Day

World food day should not be celebrated. Not when we take food for granted. Not when there are still hungry stomachs out there. And not when people are dying from the lack of food. It’s not like there is not enough food. There is enough food being produced to feed two whole planets if not one. But it is not less. We are the culprits. We don’t deserve to celebrate when our world has become a tragedy when it comes to food and its distribution. 

The time has gone where we can rely on others to save food while we leave a tray full of food and scurry off. The time has gone where we think one out of ten saving food is progress. Its a shame. Its time where people are reminded of the severity of this issue. It is time that people are called out for wasting food. 

I am not going to use soft words and put them into rhyme because that doesn’t make much of a difference. It is time to put out the real story for the people. Let them see it for themselves. It is time to make such analogies that people realize how close this problem is to them. 

Because right now its oh a child in africa died. So what? Death is inevitable. And no one really cares when they and their loved ones gets proper food eveyday. It is always someone else’s problem. So, we become greedy. We call for extra food because we can. We get extra groceries just in case and because we are too lazy to make another trip if needed. And once we do all the extra ordering and extra shopping, our stomachs does not start storing more. Food gets wasted and food gets rotten. Then we think oh let’s eat that extra apple otherwise it will rot. But that is still a waste. Waste for your body and its health. And next time around, we don’t buy an apple less even after knowing it started to rot and people cannot exceed their capacity. We still buy it because we can. We still waste because we can.

And when we were hit with the pandemic, instead of learning from it we became worse during and after. When we faced the smallest of possibilities of struggling, we went and shopped the grocery stores clean. Just the sheer thought of not having enough food scared us. And we made sure we were well prepared. Not caring for others. Just us. But did the pandemic not affect third world countries? Was it not worse for them with starvation and other epidemics already. Did they not have a higher death rate? Still we were protected. The only difference is they cannot protect themselves. They don’t have the money nor the means to do that. 

After the pandemic, we were no better. Just because we could now do the stuff we could not do for a while, we did it excessively and without the need for it. We partied like there was no tomorrow. Like the pandemic ended. We bought stuff that was out of stock, we traveled just for the heck of it. But what about them? The pandemic coming to an end is the least of their worries.

Why aren’t we caring for anyone but ourselves? Why are we taking food for granted? Why can we not take responsibility for once and act on it?

Not just a few. But everyone needs to know this, understand this, and implement this. Not even 0.1% should be excused for wasting food. Because when that happens then they feel entitled to it just because they have the money and refuse to change. Why are we discriminating? Why are we excusing the behaviors of people? Why are only a few to not waste food while others can?

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