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Monstrosity in Karbala

I want to write. Write something poetic.

But what flows through my veins is sadness and pain. How do you compose lyrical poems when your heart is wrenching.

What is pain? Why can’t I let go of my pain?

The pain in Karbala is pain. It is the only sadness I never wish to forget. It is the sadness that makes my pain seem insignificant.

When the innocent were starved of water and food for 3 days, but still were found hopeful and smiling. That is the hope that people need in their lives. When people disappoint turn your belief to Moula and Imam Husain. Remember the monstrosity that took place in the sacred place of Karbala.

When you remember their thirst and their trust, you will learn that your thirst in pain is curable. They never got water before they were slaughtered. You can find the river of hope if you go searching for it.

When you remember their physical pain, your mental pain will heal. When you hear the sorrowful narration of the events in Karbala, your heart will grow fonder and stronger to deal with this world and its worldly problems.

Give up on the world and remain hopeful of your deen.

When your heart aches for love and remembers only heartbreak, encourage your heart to remember Moulatana Sakina’s marriage to Moulana Abdullah admist جنگِ كربلاء

Where the bride and groom got minutes together before they were separated. Does your heart still ache in heartbreak when their’s was one no human could bare? Love this world as Allah’s creation, but stay hopeful for the love you will experience in جنّة

Be patient when the times gets tough and you want to give up. علي زين العبدين practiced patience for 40 years after the dire events of Karbala. He helped everyone on earth while devoting himself to the life that is to come after this one. Learn from his act and if you can implement even 1% of his patience and tolerance, then you will never find the hardships of this world as “life ending.”

Seek forgiveness when you dream don’t come true. Moulana Ali states that he is shocked by people who despair when they can seek forgiveness. Don’t give up on Allah’s رحمة

Just like how the شهداءِ كربلاء did not despair when they faces a troop of lakhs.


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