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Hey you

Hey you,

Are you staring at the sky,

That we are sitting right under,

Also terrified.

Hey you,

Do you miss me at all,

I think there might be something here,

And I think I am taking the fall.

Hey you,

Do you dream about me too?

Or is it just me wondering,

If we have a chance at all?

Hey you,

If i were to tell you something,

Would you reciprocate?

Or would you start running?

Hey you,

All of a sudden I got these feeling,

That I owe it all to you

Please tell me you got them too.

Hey you,

I feel my heart banging in its cages,

Wanting to set free,

Skipping all the prior stages.

Hey you,

Please tell me I’ll get yours in return,

For it, if you think, I’m fit

I promise I’ll take very good care of it.

Hey you,

I fear we may not end up together,

From many certain complications,

We may end up never seeing each other.

Hey you,

After our days in school come to an end,

Will we ever see each other again?

Or you will just be a friend?

Hey you,

I don’t know what these feelings are,

Or where they even came from,

But one thing is for sure, I can’t seem to let go.


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