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Antalya, Turkey

Over the summer, my family decided to take a trip to Turkey after 2 years of staying at home. We did not want to just do the touristy places like only Istanbul. So we chose 4 places in Turkey that we could explore.

We started our journey in Antalya. The south-coast harbor of Turkey was a splendid place for a sea-side vacation. We chose the hotel facing the sea with a marvelous view and set down the streets for shopping and sightseeing on our own. Granted the people did not speak much English, but they were welcoming in nature making our first day a blast.

Hotel view
Sight seeing
Streets of Antalya

The second day was a full fledged tour with a tour guide in the city of Antalya. We started of by visiting the historical and cultural places over millions of years old. The old village they called it. I set my heart to live the pure lives they lived there. We then visited a waterfall with mesmerizing views and ate the locally famous food of Turkey. Gozlemë.

Old town village
Turkish Ice-cream

Next day we head to Pammukale.


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