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  • Don’t Make Me a Parent When I Am Not One

    Don’t ask this from me as a favor. Don’t ask this from me what is your responsibility. Don’t be so cunning and clever. For your crime, don’t make me feel guilty. I was five, I didn’t need to be considerate of her feelings. I was ten, I didn’t need to be a babysitter. I was […]

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  • My safe place

    Here is a description of a place I go to when I need to escape from my thoughts. Rocks naturally formed on my left. The waves crashing the rocks. Melting their though exterior. Breaking them down into something divine. Seeing the horizon upfront. The crisp water of the ocean. Navy blue to Teal. Soft waves […]

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  • Yes. No.

    Yes I am a hopeless romantic. No I don’t want to go out with you. Yes I love my home. No I want to run away. Yes my life is great. No I am broken to pieces. Yes I love my family. No I don’t know these people. Yes I love you. No I am […]

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  • Expectations

    The perfect education, in this broken generation. Need for constant validation. I seek your attention. This kind of desperation. I am loosing determination. Give me some aspiration. Take away your hesitation. Become my inspiration, not the reason for my annihilation. Let’s create a revolution. Break all expectation!

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