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  • World Food Day

    World food day should not be celebrated. Not when we take food for granted. Not when there are still hungry stomachs out there. And not when people are dying from the lack of food. It’s not like there is not enough food. There is enough food being produced to feed two whole planets if not […]


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  • What Makes Me Anxious

    Piles of books scattered on my floor.A spontaneous conversation in the corridor. Not having the correct answer. Cracks in my tough exterior. Not having read all the books out there. Spilling my darkest secrets over a dare. My heart, right after a good scare.A task with no preparation, sends me to despair. Walking down a […]

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  • Monstrosity in Karbala

    I want to write. Write something poetic. But what flows through my veins is sadness and pain. How do you compose lyrical poems when your heart is wrenching. What is pain? Why can’t I let go of my pain? The pain in Karbala is pain. It is the only sadness I never wish to forget. […]

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  • Hey you

    Hey you, Are you staring at the sky, That we are sitting right under, Also terrified. Hey you, Do you miss me at all, I think there might be something here, And I think I am taking the fall. Hey you, Do you dream about me too? Or is it just me wondering, If we […]

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